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innovative solutions & enabling technologies for business success


A key success factor in technology provision is to offer an integrated package including all essential value chain. We aim to work with our clients to deliver their expectaions.


We have carried out and successfully delivered a large number of projects covering numerous disciplines for several industry sectors from energy sector to steel development and water industry.



We would not be here without the people and companies who choose to work with us. Thank you to them.



Technology remains paramount in delivering business targets in which corrosion mitigation and materials optimisation are key elements. 

Correct choice of materials and corrosion control strategy can significantly reduce the overall impact of corrosion and are important challenges for a fit-for-service installation.


These are essential steps:
•    at the design stage for new developments
•    during retrofit, and
•    for life extension of ageing facilities


We offer comprehensive materials selection and corrosion management strategy services which can be tailored to meet your business requirements.



We would not be here without the people and companies who choose to work with us. Thank you to them. 


Our ability to provide high level consultancy is rooted in strong connections. We support each other, and we support our clients. We want to earn their trust as collaborators and partners.

Out client base is wide ranging, national, international, independent and multi-national worldwide.

Key studies and projects in materials optimisation, corrosion mitigation measures and corrosion management strategy have been carried out for several industry sectors including:

  • Upstream and downstream hydrocarbon production, transportation and processing

  • Steel industry

  • Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS)

  • Geothermal energy production

  • Underground coal gasification (UCG)

  • Water and utilities

  • Conventional and unconventional energy

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