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Our job at KeyTech is to help clients optimise the choice of materials and design against corrosion for the manufacturers, petroleum and petrochemical industries, service companies and engineering contractors.  In this, we provide professional consultancy reflecting past experience and track-record of our staff in a number of fields with satisfying feedback - services include:

  • Corrosion design and assessment

  • Corrosivity prediction

  • Materials selection

  • Corrosion management strategy

  • Materials optimisation

  • Corrosion mitigation

  • Failure investigation

  • Advisory services

  • Trouble shooting


  • Technology partnership

  • Technology implementation

  • Field trials and assessment

  • Technology access

  • Knowledge management

  • Tailored technical training

Even the very best strategy may need to be reviewed from time to time as operational circumstances change or production matures.  We, therefore, closely monitor the performance of materials and schedule regular reviews with clients to ensure materials integrity.

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