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A key success factor in technology provision is to offer an integrated package including all essential value chain.


Before making any recommendations, we work closely with our clients to:

  • fully understand their objectives,

  • the business drivers, and

  • technical challenges. 


In addition, to provide advice on materials and corrosion, we will carefully review

  • the fluid conditions, and

  • system parameters.


Only then will we propose a strategy by which the agreed objectives can be achieved and identify the package to implement the strategy.


Our job at KeyTech is to help clients optimise the choice of materials and design against corrosion for manufacturers, petroleum and petrochemical industries, service companies and engineering contractors.

Even the very best strategy may need to be reviewed from time to time as operational circumstances change or production matures.  We, therefore, closely monitor the performance of materials and schedule regular reviews with clients to ensure materials integrity.

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