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With extensive past experience, KeyTech offers consultancy in materials optimisation, corrosion mitigation and steel development. 

As an independent consultant we have led and delivered a number of materials assessment and corrosion management projects to several industry sectors. 

We are involved with the development of corrosion management strategy and integrity management providing high level consultancy in materials design for wells, facilities and pipelines.  These include corrosivity assessments and prediction, materials optimisation, whole life cost analysis, corrosion mitigating measures, corrosion management and effective consultancy on project implementations.  

Bijan Kermani

Dr Bijan Kermani (BSc, PhD, CEng, F NACE, FIMMM, FICorr) founded KeyTech in 1999.  With over 40 years’ experience of materials, metallurgy and corrosion in the oil and gas and steel industries, he has led many trans-disciplinary projects to fruition.  Previously at BP Research, for several years he held the head of Materials and Corrosion and Technology Manager (Corrosion Free BP) responsible for delivery of research and engineering projects to BP assets worldwide.

Dr Kermani has been instrumental in the development of NACE MR0175/ISO 15156, a standard on materials for sour service applications and European Federation of Corrosion (EFC) Publications No 16 and 17.  He was the EFC Working Group chairman on Corrosion Management of Pipelines which produced EFC 64, a recommended practice on the subject.

In addition, Bijan has provided materials and corrosion design training courses to a number of clients worldwide.  He has developed hands-on training modules for TOTAL on Corplus corrosion prediction tool and delivered many training courses on CO2 corrosion prediction.  

Bijan is a visiting professor at University of Leeds involved in training and supervision of post gratutare students with past associations with several universities worldwide.

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