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Team Members

KeyTech director Dr Bijan Kermani pioneered the new and novel methodology to establishing limits of application of alloys in sour service which is now embedded into NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 international standard. The methodology takes advantage of two influential parameters of in-situ pH and H2S partial pressure.   This has led to improving safety while offering substantial cost benefit.

To this end a large number of projects have come to fruition over several decades of activity covering wells, surface families and transportation systems in hydrocarbon production industry sector.  Materials optimisation has also moved to other industry sectors covering complex and demanding services. The expertise have provided the most appropriate, cost effective, trouble free and safe solutions.

Rig Maintenance

Development and implementation of a holistic corrosion management strategy is an essential element of business success used to manage the threat of corrosion over the life cycle of assets and facilities.

KeyTech has been influential in offering an integrated package in such themes as compiled within industry-wide endorsed process outlined in our published recommended practice (EFC # 64).

We have over the years, compiled and implemented a number of CMS frameworks. These include pipeline CMS for North Sea business units, facilities CMS for a Middle East client, South East Asia and West Africa to name a few.  Global services has been provided for well integrity management taking into account corrosion, materials and barriers assessment.

Also, we prepared a methodical process on facilities CMS as an input into Corrosion Reliability Inspection Scheduling (CRIS) joint industry project.

In addition we prepared a comprehensive recommended practice (EFC Publication No 64) which has become an industry-wide blue print for pipeline corrosion management.

Design Concrete

KeyTech has led and been involved in a number of R&D projects offering radical solutions to furthering business success.  These have involved project management and steer of multi-sponsored projects at different institutions worldwide including universities of Leeds, UCL, Auckland, Manchester, PennState, Qatar and internationally recognised laboratories in Norway, UK, Belgium, Japan to mention a few.  Projects have been in the areas of steel development with superior properties, strengthening methods, step-changer coating technologies and well completions dewatering systems.

Business Meeting

We have been instrumental in the development, management and delivery of joint industry projects.  They have involved in-depth research, laboratory assessment, provision of compelling evidence and where needed field trail.  Examples of such JIPs include development of steels with superior properties, dewatering of crude oil containing water, compilation of international standards and recommended practices and others.

Adult Education Course

KeyTech has developed and delivered a number of tailored training programs on many aspects of corrosion including basic corrosion, materials selection and optimisation in upstream operations, corrosion mitigation, well completion metallurgy and corrosion management strategy. 

Training courses and seminars have been presented worldwide in Europe, Middle Esat, South East Asia, Africa, Australasia, Japan, Russia and the Americas with extremely positive feedbacks.

We have provided a modular course on corrosion and materials for hydrocarbon production as part of postgraduate programs at universities of Leeds, Manchester, Cranfield and Milan Polytechnic.

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